The TX Studio
Creative Residency 

The TX Studio Creative Residency is designed for photographers, filmmakers and other creatives. Our goal is to inspire, encourage and give a platform to those who want to work hard and create something beautiful. We hope to provide support to those looking to pursue passion projects and utilize our spaces in unique and interesting ways. We will select two to three creative residents for our Fall 2019 Creative Residency.  Here is how The TX Studio Creative Residency works: 

  • 2-3 creative residents will be selected for Fall 2019 (September - November)

  • Each resident receives 3 half day reservations with access to both Studio I & Studio II ($1200 Value) to book anytime Sept.-Nov. 2019 on any day of the week but Saturday.

  • All residents will have the opportunity to showcase their work at our 'End of Year' gallery

  • In Partnership with Wax Space, each resident will also receive a free month of co-working.


Applications for the Fall 2019 Creative Residency are now closed


Created in The TX Studio
 2018 Fall Resident
Heather Hawkins



Robert Beam.jpg

Robert works with historical photographic processes with a special focus on wet plate collodion. During his residency, he’ll be implementing wet plate collodion to capture images of Mexican traditions and heritage.

Robert Beam


Flossie is a portrait photographer. Her project will explore loneliness, emptiness, and the distractions creatives sometimes face through a multimedia portrait Series.

Flossie o’riley


Trey Wright, Eliza Trono and Vicky andres Will work to create and Photograph their passion project, Pop Flowery, a fantasy Flower shop of intricate botanical sculptures.

Pop Flowery


Max is an editorial and Conceptual photographer. For his creative residency, he’ll be bringing two concepts to life: one focused on people with disabilities and the other capturing a nuclear family comprised of a diverse number of races and backgrounds.

Max Kutz