Equipped with two entrances (one exterior and one interior) and a load-in dock, Studio II makes it easy to transport what you need for both large and small projects. Our large, eastern facing window offers the brightest light in the morning hours with more subdued, moody light in the afternoons. Direct light pours through the eastern window during the winter months. A separate, seating area is great for clients.

Our glass door separates you from Studio I and a custom curtain offers you privacy. Special equipment in Studio II includes: table top surfaces + sawhorses for shooting products, a changing screen and steamer.

Studio II


The Light

The light in Studio II is brightest and most direct in the morning (8 am - 12 pm). Opening the load-in dock offers even more light and broadens your photography capabilities. Soft light fills the late morning and all afternoon in Studio II, with a few long shadows to finish the day. 



Props & Equipment

4 Unique Table Top Surfaces  (marble, oak, white and copper)

2 Sawhorses

Various 53” Paper Rolls

2 C-Stands

2 Sandbags

2 Small Stools, 2 Barstools and 1 Chair

Small Rolling Cart

Rolling 10x10’ Backdrop (white and black)

Rolling Clothing Rack with Hangers

Standing Mirror

Various Plants and Cactus

2 Apple Boxes

Changing Screen


Direct Bathroom Access 

Load-in Dock

SONOS Speaker

Unlimited Topo Chico

Reversible V-Flat

1 Extension Cord

Gaffer Tape 


Small Supplies: Bessey Clips, Clothes Pins, and Scissors

Seating Area with Black and White rug and Chairs



Ready to Book?

if you are shooting video and require sound control,
we highly recommend booking both studios.
Send us an email for more info.