The TX Studio
Creative Residency 

The TX Studio Creative Residency is designed for photographers, filmmakers and other creatives. Our goal is to inspire, encourage and give a platform to those who want to work hard and create something beautiful. Each month, we will select one resident to create in our studios. We hope to provide support to those looking to pursue passion projects and utilize our spaces in unique and interesting ways.  Here is how The TX Studio Creative Residency works: 

  • One resident is selected each month
  • Each resident receives 3 half day reservations with access to both Studio I & Studio II ($1200 Value)
  • All residents will have the opportunity to showcase their work at our 'End of Year' gallery

Created in The TX Studio
Photo By: Temi Coker

Photo By:  Kevin Fides

Photo By: Kevin Fides

Current Resident: Alexandria Norado

I have a tendency to let my imagination roam, leading to impromptu shoots and the ability to passionately put myself into my work. I enjoy working with models/subjects who want more natural and candid shots that speak more than a thousand words. The greatest part of photography is that every detail leads up to telling a story, and I get to direct.

I tend to travel a lot, being in the field of Russian & Korean language has helped me broaden my photographic visuals and led to meeting many new and interesting subjects. When I'm not traveling I'm spending time with my cats.