Tips for Posing in the Studio

Photo Jul 30, 8 56 28 AM.jpg

Don’t stop moving-

Try different poses and don’t be afraid to experiment.


(fun and candid photos!)

tip no.1

Photo Jul 30, 8 34 55 AM.jpg

Use the props in the studio-

Even Items that you wouldn’t necessarily think are photo props, can be used as a prop.


(repurposing the caption cart as a posing surface.)

tip no.2

Photo Jul 30, 9 14 57 AM.jpg

go crazy with the plants!

We have so many in Studio I & II, so take advantage.


(Feeling like you’re in a botanical garden)

tip no.3

Photo Jul 30, 8 34 52 AM.jpg

Most importantly,

have a playlist you can blast on high and have fun!