How To Use Studio C-Stands and Paper Rolls


We have three c-stands available in both Studio I and II as well as three, 53” paper rolls! Below is a quick look at how to utilize both for your next shoot.


Loosen the knobs on both c-stands,
turning them to the left to make the grip arms horizontal and straight.

Step 1


Once the arms are straight, turn the knobs to the right until they’re tight,
holding the grip arms in place.

Step 2


Slide one end of the paper roll onto the grip arm of a c-stand and repeat on the other side.

Step 3


Turn the middle knobs to the left to loosen them, and then slide each c-Stand up to Desired Height.

Step 4


Tighten the knobs.

Step 5


Roll the paper down and
tape it to the floor

Step 6


Now You’re ready to shoot!

Doug Klembara