Why The TX Studio


We started dreaming of the
TX Studio in the Fall of 2017. 

We wanted to make a space where Dallas creatives of all abilities and types could create. We've both freelanced as photographers and understand how difficult good studio space is to come by. Renting a studio can also be intimidating - we wanted to eliminate any barriers that might be in the way of you renting space for your next shoot. 

Our goal is for the TX Studio to serve a wide variety of photographers and creatives. By providing all of the essential tools, we think you'll be able to create images completely unique to you. 

Grant, the other member of our team is pictured below. We couldn't run the studio without him. He's our brother (literally) and the guy behind all of our communications operations. We love that we get to run a business together as a family. 

As a team, we are super excited that the TX Studio is located at the historic Tyler Station in Oak Cliff. There is a ton of cool stuff happening within the 100,000 square foot factory right now - between Wax Space, STASH Design, Oak Cliff Brewery and Sean Springer Design, there's more than enough talent to go around! We hope when you use our studios you also take a bit of time to explore. 

We can't wait to meet you and see what you create! 

-Doug and Kelsi Klembara

Doug Klembara